We'll visit my favorite cow boss and wine maker, taste an amazing Tempranillo
and visit one of the oldest vineyards on the Applegate.

Kriselle Cellars grapes on the vine
Kriselle Cellars barrels
Dancin Vineyards trellis

The Applegate Wine Trail Tour

A 5 hour tour with at 3 very different wineries. You will follow the historic Applegate River, see beautiful green alfalfa fields and maybe some hang gliders! We'll visit my favorite cow boss and wine maker, taste an amazing Tempranillo and visit one of the oldest vineyards on the Applegate.


We will start with the most unusual winery in the Applegate, Cowhorn. Besides having some of the best wines in the valley, Cowhorn is also a certified biodynamic grower. They are also certified organic. The Steele family also grows some of the best asparagus around. But you have to be quick to buy it! Cowhorns Viognier garnered 93 points in both the Wine Advocate and Wine Spectator and I love the Spiral 36, a blend of Viognier, Roussanne and Marsanne.


Following the Applegate river takes us up to Troon, one of the first to plant in the Applegate Valley. They are one of the few vineyards here producing Zinfandel and Vermentino. But my favorite is the Old Vine Meritage. A blend of Cab Sauv, Merlot, Cab Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot from some of the oldest vines in Southern Oregon. Troon's lovely picnic area is shaded and inviting. A perfect place to relax even in the heat of a summer day.

Joe Ginet of Plaisance Ranch

If we have time, we'll go off the beaten path to see my favorite winemaker and cowboss Joe Ginet of Plaisance Ranch. From the French Alps to the Applegate Valley, the Ginet family has been making wine since the early 1900's. Joe and Suzi have imported vines from the family vineyard in France and are making incredible varieties. They will make you feel right at home as you taste in the old dairy barn, feed the goats and watch the cows graze. I can't help but buy Joe's wines. They are amazing and he is growing some varietals that are not normally seen here such as Mourvedre and Carmenere.

Red Lily Vineyards

A nice place to end is Red Lily Vineyards. One of the newer vineyards, it sits along the banks of the Applegate River and the tasting room is beautifully and creatively built to reflect the surrounding area. Red Lily is committed to making some of the finest Tempranillo in the valley and I know you will enjoy tasting here.

$75 per person /  $85 for one          Tasting fees included




“I can’t recommend this trip highly enough. Lorraine is a great tour leader with inside access that she has developed over the years. You can do things with her that you could never do on your own. Her connections open doors, like the wonderful dinner that we had a in a private home only available to friends and family.”
–Jeffery Anne T., Aptos, California

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