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Adventures Abound!

 Adventures Abound!

Yes its been awhile since I've written my blog but I will rectify that!

In May, I took an amazing group of travelers to Provence. They were all members of the Cliff Creek Winery wine club. What fun we had! I could not have been luckier. Everyone was fabulous! We are all still in a food coma I am sure. We drank wonderful wines, stayed in the most gracious of boutique hotels and even attended the Fete de Transhumance in St. Remy. This was the trailing of the sheep to the summer pastures. A most loved festival that happens all over Provence in May.

“I can’t recommend this trip highly enough. Lorraine is a great tour leader with inside access that she has developed over the years. You can do things with her that you could never do on your own. Her connections open doors, like the wonderful dinner that we had a in a private home only available to friends and family.”
–Jeffery Anne T., Aptos, California

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