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Yes its been awhile since I've written my blog but I will rectify that!

In May, I took an amazing group of travelers to Provence. They were all members of the Cliff Creek Winery wine club. What fun we had! I could not have been luckier. Everyone was fabulous! We are all still in a food coma I am sure. We drank wonderful wines, stayed in the most gracious of boutique hotels and even attended the Fete de Transhumance in St. Remy. This was the trailing of the sheep to the summer pastures. A most loved festival that happens all over Provence in May.

Cliff Creek Trip 2013

Did we tour some wineries? Why yes we did! We even had happy hour at 7 every night before dinner to share and celebrate the wines we bought that day. And we bought some tasty wines.

Our local guides were fantastic! Both at Les Baux and the Pont du Gard where we stood in the footsteps of the Romans under one of the most spectacular feats of architecture in the world. We really felt like we were living a part of history.

We gleefully ate our way through the markets and after we were full, bought all kinds of other fun things.

After a day of shopping the girls looks so pretty!

Of course we spent day at the Mas Les Marquises. We had a tour of the ranch, dinner with the family and listened to the music of the Gitano Family. What a night!

Cliff Creek Wine Trip 2013The walk in the ornithological park was filled with photo ops. The Camargue has one of the largest nesting grounds of flamingos in Europe but we also saw different kinds of waterfowl as well as fledgling snowy egrets in the trees. It was truly magical.

The group was made extra special with the owners of Cliff Creek Winery coming along. Dorothy, Ruth, Lee and Cory was able to really take in what the winemakers in the Cote du Rhone were doing and much wine was purchased.

While others were tasting in the Gigondas wine cave, Dorothy and Ruth snuck into a charming cafe in for a cup of Viennese coffee.

It was just a fantastic trip all the way around. And next year I get to do it again with the RoxyAnn wine Club! I can't wait!

“I can’t recommend this trip highly enough. Lorraine is a great tour leader with inside access that she has developed over the years. You can do things with her that you could never do on your own. Her connections open doors, like the wonderful dinner that we had a in a private home only available to friends and family.”
–Jeffery Anne T., Aptos, California

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