Moulin de Daudet

Of the many windmills that used to dot the hillsides of Provence, only a very few remain.  This is certainly one of the most picturesque.  It was named after Alphonse Daudet who never actually lived here but was inspired to write his "Lettres de Mon Moulin". It was a collection of tales about life in rural Provence in the late 19th century.

camargue spring 06 085In the 40's a film was made by the same name.  The windmill has become a museum to Daudet with a collection of photos and editions of his work.  You can go upstairs for a small fee and see what it must have been like to work in a windmill. It's a stop that I love to make with my groups if we have time.

“I can’t recommend this trip highly enough. Lorraine is a great tour leader with inside access that she has developed over the years. You can do things with her that you could never do on your own. Her connections open doors, like the wonderful dinner that we had a in a private home only available to friends and family.”
–Jeffery Anne T., Aptos, California

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